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In May this year, I walked at my graduation ceremony, went back home to Sunny San Diego, finished an awesome nutrition class for my life science credit, and finally completed my bachelor’s degree in Communication with concentrations in Media Studies, and Persuasion and Social Influence. Before you laugh at my chances of employment with the infamous degree, I absolutely loved the Communication department at Cornell. The research being done, the professors, the students, the alumni gatherings like CommConnect, undeniably impacted my intellectual growth in an incredibly positive way.
Okay so what now? It’s been interview-madness in my house. I am currently in my second round of interviews for two companies, and have had around 10-12 in-person and phone call interviews. My parents told me interviewing itself is a great experience to refine my interviewing skills. I am a huge nervous ninny, despite being a Comm major and an aficiando of the performing arts. 
In my spare time I have been taking on a really awesome project with my friend Rebecca, from Cornell, also a Comm major. Together with three other girls, Tasha, Kat, and Sam, are creating our own website called The Kaleidoscope Blog. From now, till when we launch, we are curating content and editing each other’s work, I am currently the social media manager, writer and editor. I am really excited to take this project on and to see where it goes, but more on that later as it becomes closer to launching!
A very casual photo of me that is not at all staged

Your degree alone will never suffice for job prospects. It your tangible work experience and skill sets, and a solid connection that gets you the job. Often times, going to an Ivy League school can blow your head up a bit, but it isn’t just the name, it’s what uniqueness you bring to the table that no company could easily find somewhere else. What void in skill or knowledge you can fill is what almost anyone is looking for. So, in my spare time, I’ve been learning a little bit of HTML/CSS, and hopefully some Javascript once I master the CSS down (that’s the more challenging part). It’s been a frustrating yet really fascinating experience. My goal is to be a front-developer to my own website, made from scratch. But first, of course, baby steps! Perhaps altering the HTML on Blogger would be the first baby goal. 

I have too much fun with random algorithms 

These are definitely real sunglasses which definitely means there is a city walkway in my living room 


I’ve also been a brand ambassador for Piper Layne bags, if you haven’t heard of them, they have some pretty dope bags for going to the beach, grocery shopping, or fashion totes with a cute summer outfit. For now, its been Piper Layne, coding, CSS, net surfing and Snapchats weekly filters that have kept me occupied. For updates as to what I am doing, and where I am, follow me on Insta, at smoothayy!




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