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My Journey With Acne: From Chronic Breakouts To Clear Canvas

For pretty much all of 2018, my skin looked like the above image. I’ve dealt with bouts of acne here and there. Sometimes my skin had massive breakouts, but in a few months time, it usually cleared up with better lifestyle habits and the occasional tube of Tretinoin (a retinoid). After a year, I skipped…

3 Steps to Recovering From Multiple Lay-offs.

As you can probably tell by this title, my professional journey doesn’t have the happiest twist. And to any future employers reading this, I can totally explain! I have a lot offer, I promise! *sweats profusely* At my first job, I got a few months of experience as a “Jr. Paid Media Specialist” where I…

How I Found My First Job Out Of College.

This is the first time I have written on this blog since I graduated college. Sorry for ghosting. Obviously a lot of time has passed. In my latest post, I was talking about how I had graduated college (Cornell Class of 2017, woot woot!) and lamenting about the difficulties of finding a job. I guess…


I’m Suthe (full name Sutheshna). I’m a digital marketing freelancer, and a commercial, film, and theatre actress. I’m building a business while pursuing my passion for performing. This is my space to be unfiltered real about the theatre/film business and the freelancing world. Come along for the journey, or at least, learn from it!

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